Our Strengths


Experience in the field: although our experience derives mainly from the production of more fashion shoes based on a direct management of the collections, we see in the future a change of trend and we are ready to concentrate ourselves in this service for companies and brands, in order to be always updated with the present situation and to satisfy the new needs of their customers.

Immediate and precise respond in the communications and assistance management: perfectly aware of what companies and brands really need nowadays to reach their goals, we are certain that sense of timing and speed in dealing with the communications are fundamental, especially in international activities and in distance-communications based on the use of the newest technologies.

Flexibility in terms of production timing, products typology and quantity.

Ability to manufacture shoes of different styles (from the casual-elegant to the more elegant). We can easily deal with both winter and summer collections production, as well as the use of top level materials and particular finishing leathers.

Great skill in production's organization and timing management.


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